Sharan Ahluwalia
2 min readJan 15, 2019


When I was 2 years old,

I saw my father run away from an angry mob

His turban served as interrogatory evidence

For killing the prime minister on spot.

Riot lessons serve our childhood scars.

We learned from the Bible, Gita, and Quran.

Growing up, the masses educated us,

More than textbooks or annual exams.

Decades of violence and conflict,

Generations of witnessing our unity departing.

The terror remains the same,

But disguises may vary.

Today, we stand on the turn of this century,

Losing its innocence,

To the blue whale philosophy.

A nation made with the union of communities,

Burns in ashes of severe inhumanities.

So, tell me, my countrymen,

The nation wants to know,

Why then, the mob flows?

like the uncaged beasts on patrol.

Lynching and killing the next target on cue.

Weren’t you built on inclusive ideologies?

The unity in diversity democracy?

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Isai?

Well, #notinmyname

Religion just won’t suffice.

Hate today is fueled by political lies,

One man’s criminal is another’s man’s martyr,

leaving a legacy of his sacrifice life.

When the demon resides in faceless technologies,

Trolling becomes a supranational policy.

Because the line of control

cannot hold back digital dichotomies.

Is it easier to do the devil’s dance under a mask?

With people building disguises and hiding behind devices,

How do we combat violence and counter loud voices?

Social Media Universe is beaming with hypocrisies.

And there is a dearth of genuine personalities.

So remember, it is easier to hide behind a screen,

Anonymous faces create the loudest stream.

Of unnecessary chatter, comments and tease.

Untroll the monsters you create within,

Untroll the world of its unwanted misery.

Photograph & Poetry by Sharon Ahluwalia (https://thebigfatpoet.com/)



Sharan Ahluwalia

Poet | Writer I Researcher| IR Scholar |Senior Manager & Dev Professional // Stealing moments to be w kids on field https://thebigfatpoet.com/ @thebigfatpoet