The Radicalities at the intersection of education, development and Corona

Is the new normal now the old bizarre?

A toddler photographed at his home in UP during one of my visits last year

Navigating the New Normal

The walls are caving in on our free birds that were only learning to form and flutter their wings in 2020. Their metamorphosis into young butterflies has been jilted with a crisis and its dependency on the Internet to cope.

Looking with eyes wide open

The government has announced relaxation in fee submission and private institutions are cringing under their masks.

Are all children adjusting alike?

Of course, not!

The starting point is not the same for everyone.

In the ‘Culture and Captivity’ chapter of his book, ‘Identity and Violence’, Amartya Sen writes: “Shakespeare gave voice to the concern that ‘some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.’ In the schooling of children, it is necessary to make sure that smallness is not thrust upon the young, whose lives lie ahead of them. Much is at stake here”

The Flipside of educational development today

During my many recent telephonic conversations back in UP, it is evident that communities continue to struggle to access work, wages and viands.



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Sharan Ahluwalia

Poet | Writer I Researcher| IR Scholar |Senior Manager & Dev Professional // Stealing moments to be w kids on field @thebigfatpoet